“We will start planning next year soon and would love to have you again!” - Deb Elderton, Heyworth Treasurer, Heyworth, Illinois
“Thanks for a great evening of entertainment!” – Jackie Monti, Concert in the Park Co-ordinator, Wenona, Illinois
Thank you all so much! Everyone that was there really enjoyed your band!” – Betty DeFord, Director of the Redneck Fishing Tournament, Bath, Illinois
“The Fabulous Hoedads were an excellent choice for our festival. A very talented and professional band. 
Everyone in attendance enjoyed your performance a great deal. Thanks so much!” - Tina Clark, El Paso Corn Festival, El Paso, Illinois

"Bruce, it was great to meet you and your band. Last night was a blast! You're one of the best local bands I've had play at the winery. Can't wait to have you back!" - Loren Shanle, Walnut Street Winery 

"The Fabulous Hoedads put on a great show for the Clinton Celebration! They're welcome here anytime!" - Patrick Peterson with the Clinton Celebration