If I knew I was going to live this long I'd have taken better care of myself”

— Micky Mantle

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Four Fabulous Hoedads

Four Fabulous Hoedads

Five Fabulous Hoedads featuring Grammy Award Winner Ron Stockert

Five Fabulous Hoedads featuring Grammy Award Winner Ron Stockert

The Trio aka Hoedads Lite

The Trio aka Hoedads Lite

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The #1 question we get is: “What the heck IS a Hoedad anyway?” Technically it's an implement used in tree cultivation. Our definition is that it’s that guy whose yard backs to yours and he fills it with old car parts, beer cans, washing machines and a pile of rusted sheet metal that he’s going to “use” someday! He also surveys his kingdom from his Lazy Boy whose main accouterment is a plastic swimming pool he uses to hold the aforementioned beer cans and cigarette butts!

The #2 question is “What kind of music do you play?” As a band we are all about variety...blues, soul, R&B, 1st through 8th generation country music, bluegrass, swing and classic rock'n'roll! A little bit of something for everybody!

The #3 question is: “So what is your objective?” Well, it's to get everyone on the dance floor and keep them there, and when they're not dancing they should be at the bar freshening up their drinks. Be it a bar or corporate event...that's the idea. Having fun!

We don't play licks off the record, note-for-note versions of any of the songs on our list. It's not about that! It's about the song and what it says to us. We interpret them the way we hear them. We may take an old blues song and make it a bluegrass song or make a country song into an R&B rave up! We like putting a fresh coat of paint on an old classic.

Whatever the configuration, it starts with three old road dogs! We may have special guests occasionally, but the core of this band is the three of us and the fourth and fifth guy (whoever that may be) is always a quality player! We are here to have fun and entertain you.

We have a sound company available for any large rooms or corporate events for a slight additional cost. Other than that we travel light and can handle most medium sized rooms!

Well, these Hoedads can't wait to play for you and all your friends! See you soon!

Call for booking information including hours and prices!