Places We've Played

*Hoedads Lite - Trio
**The Big Band
***Old Friends - Bruce and Jerry's Duo
****Honky Tonk All Stars


**A.I.W. Hall, Decatur, IL
Adams Apple/Barb's Place, Decatur, IL
Bonker's Place, Bloomington, IL

***Clark Bar, Champaign, IL
Diamond Tap, Farmer City, IL
E.J.'s Bar, Pana, IL
Elmer's Place, Decatur, IL
**Feeling Lucky Lounge, Decatur, IL
Frankie's 49er, Springfield, IL
*George Rank's, Springfield, IL

****George Rank's, Springfield, IL
**Goldy's Bar and Grill, Champaign
***Hand of Fate Brewing Company, Petersburg, IL
*It's All About Wine, Springfield, IL
***It's All About Wine, Springfield, IL
Lake Road Inn, Lake Bloomington, IL
Lock, Stock and Barrel, Decatur, IL
**Lock, Stock and Barrel, Decatur, IL
Maguire's Bar & Grill, Bloomington, IL
**Mity's Pub, Taylorville, IL
*Monticello Bowl, Monticello, IL
Monticello Bowl, Monticello, IL
Nellie's Tavern, Decatur, IL
*Ole, Country Church, Findlay, IL
*Outpost, Armington, IL
Outpost, Armington, IL
*PlaMor Danceland, Pana, IL
PlaMor Danceland, Pana, IL
*Port Royal Gastropub, Decatur, IL
****Port Royal Gastropub, Decatur, IL
Rose Bowl, Urbana, IL
Rusty Spur, Decatur, IL
***Schooners, Bloomington, IL
**Sidney Saloon, Sidney, IL
**Sliderz, Long Creek, IL
*Sundown Lounge, Decatur, IL
Sweepers, Arcola, IL
Tailgater's Pub, LeRoy, IL
*Walnut Street Winery, Rochester, IL
***Walnut Street Winery, Rochester, IL
Winery, Decatur, IL
Winner's Bar and Grill, Bloomington, IL 

Fraternal and Service Clubs

*American Legion Post 102, DeLand, IL
American Legion Post 105, Decatur, IL
*American Legion Post 983, East Peoria, IL
F.O.E. 527, Bloomington, IL
F.O.E. 3075, Champaign, IL
Moose Lodge 684, Decatur, IL
Moose Lodge 745, Bloomington, IL
*Moose Lodge 916, Pekin, IL
Moose Lodge 1377, Hillsboro, IL
Moose Lodge 1388, Charleston, IL
VFW Post 99, Decatur, IL
**VFW Post 99, Decatur, IL
*VFW Post 755, Springfield, IL
VFW Post 1592, Charleston, IL
VFW Post 3601, Paris, IL
VFW Post 4829, Shelbyville,IL
*VFW Post 10302, Springfield, IL

Special Events

*Atlanta Fall Festival, Atlanta, IL
Band Slam Benefit for St. Teresa High School, K of C Hall, Decatur, IL

Benefit for Hanna Bean, Niantic, IL
Benefit for Oasis, K of C Hall, Decatur, IL
Bike Night at The Winery, Decatur, IL
Celebrate Clinton, Clinton, IL
Clinton Freedom Celebration, Clinton, IL

Corn Festival, El Paso, IL
Herrick 4th of July Celebration, Herrick, IL
Heydays, Heyworth, IL
Honeybee Festival, Paris, IL
**Miles Chevrolet Tent Event, Decatur, IL
Music In The Park, Paris, IL
**Music Under The Stars, Bloomington, IL
Oakwood Festival, Decatur, IL
**Porktoberfest (Celebration of Pork Armstrong) at Nellies, Decatur, IL
Private Party for Pat Dawson, K of C Hall, Decatur, IL
Railside Golf Course, Gibson, CIty, IL
The Redneck Fishing Contest, Bath, IL
Trinity High School 50th High School Reunion, Bloomington, IL
WCIA-TV, ci Living, Champaign, IL