Places We've Played

*Hoedads Lite - Trio
**The Big Band
***Old Friends - Bruce and Jerry's Duo


**A.I.W. Hall, Decatur, IL
Adams Apple/Barb's Place, Decatur, IL
Bonker's Place, Bloomington, IL
Diamond Tap, Farmer City, IL
E.J.'s Bar, Pana, IL
Elmer's Place, Decatur, IL
**Feeling Lucky Lounge, Decatur, IL
Frankie's 49er, Springfield, IL
*George Rank's, Springfield, IL
**Goldy's Bar and Grill, Champaign
*It's All About Wine, Springfield, IL
Lake Road Inn, Lake Bloomington, IL
**Lock, Stock and Barrel, Decatur, IL
**Lock, Stock and Barrel, Decatur, IL
Maguire's Bar & Grill, Bloomington, IL
**Mity's Pub, Taylorville, IL
*Monticello Bowl, Monticello, IL
Monticello Bowl, Monticello, IL
Nellie's Tavern, Decatur, IL
*Ole, Country Church, Findlay, IL
*Outpost, Armington, IL
Outpost, Armington, IL
*PlaMor Danceland, Pana, IL
PlaMor Danceland, Pana, IL
Rose Bowl, Urbana, IL
Rusty Spur, Decatur, IL
***Schooners, Bloomington, IL
**Sidney Saloon, Sidney, IL
**Sliderz, Long Creek, IL
*Sundown Lounge, Decatur, IL
Sweepers, Arcola, IL
Tailgater's Pub, LeRoy, IL
*Walnut Street Winery, Rochester, IL
***Walnut Street Winery, Rochester, IL
Winery, Decatur, IL
Winner's Bar and Grill, Bloomington, IL 

Fraternal and Service Clubs

*American Legion Post 102, DeLand, IL
American Legion Post 105, Decatur, IL
F.O.E. 527, Bloomington, IL
Moose Lodge #684, Decatur, IL
Moose Lodge #745, Bloomington, IL
Moose Lodge #1377, Hillsboro, IL
Moose Lodge #1388, Charleston, IL
VFW Post 99, Decatur, IL
**VFW Post 99, Decatur, IL
*VFW Post 755, Springfield, IL
VFW Post 1592, Charleston, IL
VFW Post 3601, Paris, IL
VFW Post 4829, Shelbyville,IL
*VFW Post 10302, Springfield, IL

Special Events
Band Slam Benefit for St. Teresa High School, K of C Hall, Decatur, IL
Benefit for Hanna Bean, Niantic, IL
Benefit for Oasis, K of C Hall, Decatur, IL
Bike Night at The Winery, Decatur, IL
Celebrate Clinton, Clinton, IL
Clinton Freedom Celebration, Clinton, IL

Corn Festival, El Paso, IL
Heydays, Heyworth, IL
Honeybee Festival, Paris, IL
**Miles Chevrolet Tent Event, Decatur, IL
Music In The Park, Paris, IL
**Music Under The Stars, Bloomington, IL
Oakwood Festival, Decatur, IL
**Porktoberfest (Celebration of Pork Armstrong) at Nellies, Decatur, IL
Private Party for Pat Dawson, K of C Hall, Decatur, IL
The Redneck Fishing Contest, Bath, IL
Trinity High School 50th High School Reunion, Bloomington, IL
WCIA-TV, ci Living, Champaign, IL